Board of Directors Letter Regarding

WRC Response to COVID-19

Dear WRC Community:

The WRC Board of Directors is in full support of the efforts made by the Westside Regional Center to comply with local, state and federal directives and restrictions including quarantines, to meet COVID-19 reduction measures. The WRC Staff will work remotely for two weeks while continuing their important work with Self-Advocates and Families. As updates that affect us regarding COVID-19 become available, they will be passed on to the WRC Community by the Interim Executive Director, Dr. Tom Kelly.

We want to thank Dr. Kelly, his leadership team, and all the WRC Staff for their efforts as we all navigate this unprecedented challenge. Everyone is taking this ‘novel corona virus’ very seriously. We sincerely thank the ever-important WRC Service Providers, and also appreciate the efforts by the vigilant DDS Team, led by Nancy Bargmann, to alleviate their unique funding and staffing predicament as well.

This is an opportunity for all to learn from, support and help one and other during a very difficult time. We are a community that comes together when needed. This is a time for us all to care for each other. Thank you to all the Caregivers. The Board, the Staff, and the Vendors all stand united in support of the tremendous Self Advocates and their Families.

Take care,

Sofia M. Vergara, Ed.D

WRC Board of Directors, Chair