Westside Regional Center

Providing access to services and supports
to individuals with developmental disabilities


Welcoming our clients into community life

Early Intervention Services

For infants and toddlers with developmental
delays or disabilities

Assisting you with finding paid internships and inclusive employment


Providing information, resources,
and support to families and professionals

Westside Regional Center

Providing access to services and supports to individuals with disabilities

Our Mission

It is WRC’s mission to support people with developmental disabilities, their families, and communities of choice by facilitating access to person-centered, culturally responsive services and resources.


Three words guide Westside Regional Center’s staff in their relationship with clients and their families, and in their vision of the regional center’s role:

Listen – Inform – Support

Latest News

Latest News

Westside Regional Testimonials

Why I Support

Everyone supports in their own way here at WRC! Here are some reasons why some members support WRC!

Here at the regional center I have learned a lot. And now, well, with my son we talk better. We communicate well. And it has been a great support to be here at this place. I feel that this is going to be better because I have had some classes here and they have taught me many things that I did not know before.

I would encourage people and individuals to approach Westside Regional Center to help them achieve what they want do in life whether it’s a career or college, Westside Regional Center should help them and to make them an independent person. I think as a team we both feel encouraged that we’re getting as much help as we can thanks to this program.

I would encourage parents to come to the regional center to bring their children. It’s definitely worth it. It’s a positive resource in your life.

My son and we as a family have received help from the Westside Regional Center (WRC). He has benefited from the services offered to clients, from the diagnosis until now that he is already an adult. The whole process has been easier because we have the help of the WRC. They listen to us and they support us in the best way to solve the problem that my son has.

Westside Regional Center. They save a lot of lives. They’ve helped a lot of people. Just as I walked in I felt the vibe, the people are friendly, outgoing. They have open arms. They’re here to help to work with families. And they’re very caring and loving. They’re here to help the families and their loved ones, you know.

So my experience with Westside Regional Center is just amazing. From the very first day I saw huge changes in his behavior. Like before, he hated me. He would always hitting me after his tantrums. Now he comes and kisses me, that’s the biggest blessing I got now. It’s all only because of Westside Regional Center. I got so much love and support over here for myself as a parent, like I understand my son. I understand why he’s crying. I understand what I can do for him.

They help me with my cooking, transportations, getting into college and going to many more activities. Come to the Westside Regional Center and get help. You can do it!

I recommend that all families come and get more involved so that they can see all the services that are at the Westside Regional Center and can take advantage of all those good programs, especially Sibshop. Sibshop is a program for children that have special siblings. That helps them to be more important.

The first time I went to the regional center I felt great ‘cause I felt like I had someone to talk to about my problems. Now with the support of the regional center I feel like I could achieve my goals because they encourage me and they tell me I should never give up.

I can say that my experience with the Westside Regional Center has been excellent! The support and workshops that I received from the Westside Regional Center has helped me in so many ways.

Undoubtedly, the Regional Center has been and remains fundamental in supporting the needs of my son with autism and my family. Thanks to the services he receives and the support for my family, I can see improvement in his development in many ways. With great longing I visualize a hopeful future for him, my family, and my community.

Thank you so much for all the support!

I learned about the Family Resource Center from a really good friend. Her son needed more support and they received it. We were having an issue as well, so maybe they can help you too. If you’re a parent that feels like your child needs more support, why should you be in this alone?

WRC is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Call (310) 258-4000 or email Info-WRC@WestsideRC.org