Westside Regional Center

Providing access to services and supports to individuals with disabilities

Our Mission

It is Westside Regional Center’s mission to empower people with developmental disabilities and their families to choose and access community services that facilitate a quality of life comparable to persons without disabilities.


Three words guide Westside Regional Center’s staff in their relationship with clients and their families, and in their vision of the regional center’s role:

Listen – Inform – Support

Latest News

Latest News

Westside Regional Testimonials

Why I Support

Everyone supports in their own way here at WRC! Here are some reasons why some members support WRC!

My son and we as a family have received help from the WRC. He has benefited from the services offered to clients, from the diagnosis until now that he is already an adult. The whole process has been easier because we have the help of the WRC. They listen to us and they support us in the best way to solve the problem that my son has.

Elena Bustamante

Lots of love and support for WRC because they have always supported me and I feel very loved by you all.

Claudia Palomo

Undoubtedly, the Regional Center has been and remains fundamental in supporting the needs of my son with autism and my family. Thanks to the services he receives and the support for my family, I can see improvement in his development in many ways. With great longing I visualize a hopeful future for him, my family, and my community.

Thank you so much for all the support!

Leticia Antonio