Attention Service Providers!! Make Your Voice Heard About Rates: Surveys Available Now

Post Date: January 03, 2019

From the Los Angeles and San Diego Coalitions of Service Providers

To the Executive Leadership of all organizations providing services funded through regional centers,

As you all know, we are rapidly approaching the critical moment in Sacramento when the Department of Developmental Services will deliver to the Legislature its study on our current rates system as well as its proposals to bring sustainability to our system through increases in rates of reimbursements paid to providers.

We are working hard to prepare for this moment by meeting ahead of time with members of the Legislature and key Legislative staff.  We must make sure that the Legislature understands how long overdue rate reform is in California.  We must make sure the Legislature knows how much our system has been strained over the past two decades as a result of frozen rates and the imposition of arbitrary Statewide median rates for critically needed services.

We need everyone’s help to tell this story with the urgency necessary to justify the significant new funding that we expect the report to call for when it is delivered in March. 

We are asking you to participate by responding to the two very brief online surveys whose links are included in this notice.

The first is the Provider Impact Survey initially distributed last March. We would like to get a much broader response to fully represent our State.  If you did not take this survey last March, please take the few minutes necessary to do so now. This can be completed by the CEO or her/his designee.

Here is that link:

The Second Survey was created by the Arc/UCP to report on the status of our Direct Service Provider (DSP) workforce in California.  For this survey – please distribute this survey to your DSP workforce and ask for their participation in advocating for higher wages for our highly valued DSP workforce by filling out the survey.

Here is that link:

Online Survey (English)

Online Survey (Español)

WE NEED YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION.  We would like to have as many responses as possible to these two surveys by January 7, 2019.  Please try for this date – but if you can’t get it done by then – please respond as soon thereafter as possible.

Thank you!

For any questions or comments please contact Steve Miller: