WRC Self Determination Local Advisory Committee Meeting Date Changed in October & December

Self Determination Local Advisory Committee

This meeting that is typically held on the second Tuesday of each month at Westside Regional Center from 6:00-8:00 pm.

*October 2018 meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 16th from 6-8pm at WRC*

*December 2018 meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 4th from 6-8pm at WRC*

The committee shall consist of the regional center client’s rights advocate, consumers, family members, and other advocates and community leaders. A majority of the committee shall be consumers and their family members. The committee shall reflect the multicultural diversity and geographic profile of the catchment area. The committee shall review the development and ongoing progress of the Self Determination Program, including whether the program advances the principles of self determination and is operating consistent with the requirements of this section, and may make ongoing recommendations for improvement to the regional center and the department. All are welcome to attend these meetings.

For more information, please call Pamela Arturi (310)258-4276 or Cesar Garcia (310) 258-4090