Westside Regional Center: UPDATE FY 2018-19 Community Resource Development Plan Priorities

Westside Regional Center’s 2018-2019
Community Resource Development Plan

Post Date: August 15, 2018

Westside Regional Center (WRC) priorities considered for the Community Resource Development Plan (CRDP) proposals* to the Department of Developmental Services include but may not be limited to development in the following areas:

1. Housing services

  • Multi-Family Housing Project (s)
  • Enhanced Behavioral Supports Homes (EBSH)
  • Transitional Homes
  • Family Teaching Homes

2. Enhanced Behavior Services Supported Living Services
3. Adult Employment Readiness Services for individuals with limited communication skills and sensory issues.
4. Family Foster Home Agency (FFA) for children
5. In-Homes Respite Agency to provide respite services tailored for individuals with significant behavior issues.
6. Services Provider(s) to provide Person Center Thinking training to individuals served by WRC, families, and service providers
7. Crisis Stabilization Services to provide short-term intensive support and training services to stabilize individuals in their homes.

Any additional input from persons served/family members, service providers and advocates in the WRC community should be submitted to WRC as soon as possible for consideration in the development of proposals for submittal to DDS for funding requests. Please submit input to Daniel Hoyos at danielh@westsiderc.org or (310) 258-4134.

*All projects for the WRC CRDP will be culturally and linguistically sensitive and will be in compliance with the Home and Community Based Services Settings Rule.

Westside Regional Center’s 2018-2019
Community Resource Development Plan