Dear Community,

As everyone may be aware, Governor Newsom provided a directive to Californians to remain in their home or residence in order to slow down the spread of Coronavirus as “it is safer at home”. Part of this directive requires the closure of “non-essential” businesses. Westside Regional Center has been determined to be an essential business. Therefore, WRC will remain open and will continue to provide support to the individuals that we serve. This work will primarily be done remotely.  

Although we have closed our physical reception area, we have set up a remote reception number for you to call in case you have questions or if you are unsure of who you need to speak with. The phone number is 310-258-4001.

You can also contact the Westside Family Resource & Empowerment Center with any questions or concerns as well as request assistance in accessing community and generic resources. All WFREC staff speak English and Spanish for your convenience.


Office Phone: (310) 258-4063

We are committed to a principle of ‘business as usual’ while also acknowledging the unprecedented circumstances in which we find ourselves.  At this time of uncertainty, we will need to work together and be creative as a community to ensure that we get through this stressful time. I have seen our community pull together in some pretty remarkable ways so I know that anything is possible.  I have no doubt in the capability of us to do whatever is necessary to overcome anything that this world can throw at us. So in summary, we’ve got this and we will do everything in our power to be creative, resourceful and resilient in this current crisis.

Thank you,

Dr. Tom Kelly

Interim Executive Director

Westside Regional Center