Dear WRC Community,

As many of you know, Westside Regional Center has been engaged in a strategic planning process for the past several months. During this time, we have experienced a great deal of change and challenges; including leadership transitions, working through our special contract language with the state, and an evolving COVID-19 response strategy.

A great strategic plan will help us meet these challenges, and those that arise in the future. However,  it will need to reflect the voices and perspectives of our entire organization. To capture your thoughts, we’ll be putting out a public survey, and will have other engagement opportunities ranging from “town halls” to interviews and focus groups. I hope you’ll participate in one or more of these engagement opportunities, and in so doing, help us collaboratively write the next chapter for WRC.

As such, we are asking for your participation in our strategic planning survey. Your responses are anonymous; we do not have the ability to link responses to individuals. The results of the survey will be going directly to our external consultant team at Strategy Matters, and they will anonymize comments and responses before sharing them in the aggregate. The survey will take approximately  20 minutes for non-staff members and approximately 45 minutes for staff. Please know that your time and input are invaluable.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns, or reach out to for more information. Thank you for your involvement, your partnership, and your support.


Roschell Ashley

Executive Director

Westside Regional Center