RFP updated on 5/28/2021 at 11:05 am


Los Angeles County Regional Centers

Technology Lending Library

June 1, 2021

The Westside Regional Center (WRC) is requesting proposals to create a Technology Lending Library for individuals who are unable to access services and supports due to COVID-19.  WRC is happy to announce that the Technology Lending Library is a multi-regional center project that has been approved by DDS to award FY 2020-2021 CPP/CRDP startup funds to develop libraries in the seven (7) Los Angeles County Regional Centers (“LAC Regional Centers”) listed below:

  • Westside Regional Center
  • Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Harbor Regional Center
  • Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
  • North Los Angeles County Regional Center
  • San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
  • South Central Los Angeles Regional Center

During the ongoing pandemic, it has become evident that a portion of individuals and families served by the LAC Regional Centers have been unable to meet with their Regional Center Service Coordinators due to lack of technology to do so, let alone take advantage of remote services that are being offered as providers innovate alternative and remote ways to deliver services such as ABA, ILS, Early Start Services and other day services.  The Los Angeles County Regional Centers provide services and supports to a highly diverse population totaling nearly 110,000 individuals and have identified individuals who are in need of this service to stay engaged with their support services as well as their regional center.  As the LAC Regional Centers continue to strive to provide equitable services across a diverse population, it is envisioned that equipping those who may be most in need of access to technology will help ensure the most appropriate and person-centered services for each individual receiving services. The LAC Regional Centers strongly recognize these technological services will still be needed after the pandemic.


The LAC Regional Centers propose to increase access to remote and virtual services by providing eligible participants with tablets and/or laptops, data service, and technical support.  This will be achieved by contracting with a provider(s) to purchase the hardware, software, and data service, as well as to be the provider of the technical support, including adapting equipment that may be needed by some individuals. The provider(s) will also develop a system for ongoing billing purposes and to track devices and support requests. The LAC Regional Centers will identify those served who are most in need of this service in order to receive remote and/or alternate day activities/services delivery. The contracted provider(s) will be responsible to develop a protocol and agreement for the loan of the equipment to the participants and may coordinate with regional center non-residential and transportation agencies for its delivery to each participant and for pick-up of returned or damaged devices.

Providers responding to this RFP may apply to serve all, one or a portion of the seven (7) Los Angeles County Regional Centers. The amount of CPP/CDRP Startup funding available is up to $1.4 million or $200,000 per LAC Regional Center. The LAC Regional Centers may accept all or part of a proposal to serve multiple Regional Centers. The selected provider(s) will contract with the LAC Regional Centers separately.

Proposals must be submitted by 4:00 pm on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.