I wanted to update the Westside Community regarding the current situation in respect to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Within our own community we have been relatively fortunate, and have only had two of our providers and two of the individuals that we support confirmed to have COVID-19.  We have already identified anyone with whom they may have had contact and they have isolated themselves for possible exposure.  We are continuing to monitor and report any other potential exposure or confirmed cases. For current general information about current health directives and statistics I would refer everyone to the LA County Department of Public Health.

I had previously issued a directive to WRC staff that we would be working remotely until the end of March.  I have now extended that direction through April 17th. Westside Regional Center will remain open during this time and staff will be accessible by phone and email during our normal working hours.  Please note, however, that our physical location will only remain accessible to essential staff.  Westside Regional Centers’ offices and reception will remain closed to the public.

If you are not able to reach your Service Coordinator or are not sure of the person you need to contact, please call: 310-258-4001.

I want to extend thanks to everyone in our community that have been reaching out, asking how they can help, and providing donations and locations to store goods.  I also want to thank our staff and providers who continue to astonish me every day with the extent to which they have shown the ability to be creative and imaginative in reaching out to, and supporting the individuals in our community during this time.

Unfortunately, we are not near the end of this situation yet, and we will need to continue to be strong and collaborative as a community.  I have no doubt, however, having witnessed the generosity, commitment and strength of this community that we will get through this together and be stronger for it.


Dr. Tom Kelly

Interim Executive Director

Westside Regional Center