Reunión del Comité de Equidad


The Equity Committee will be meeting at Westside Regional Center on Thursday, May 30th a las 6:00 pm en el 3rd floor Danneker Boardroom.

Habrá cuidado de niños disponible para esta reunión.  You must RSVP with the FRC no later than 12:00pm on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at (310)258-4063. Space is limited.

Si conoce a una familia que actualmente se ve afectada por las disparidades de fondos o por no recibir los servicios necesarios Llame a nuestro FRC al (310) 258-4063 y regístrese para el "Horario de oficina".  Families are asked to call the FRC by 12:00pm on Friday, May 24th in order for us to review the IPP, services being funded and any other pertinent information that would help in addressing the family’s concerns.  If there are any other individuals that would like to support the family during the “office hours,”  we will request that the parent or adult consumer sign a consent for release of information in order to provide Westside Regional Center authorization to openly discuss information that is considered confidential and private.

También tendremos interpretación en español disponible en la reunión del Comité de Equidad.