Lo que necesita saber sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19: Un ayuntamiento para las comunidades desatendidas

People with developmental disabilities need vaccine priority!

California is continuing to get vaccines distributed, based on a special set of priority “phases.” It started with “Phase 1A,” which included health care workers and first responders.

But people with developmental disabilities weren’t part of that group. Even though they are often at extra risk because of their disability (or disabilities), the state still hasn’t moved our community up the list.

YOU can help change this! We need to let Governor Newsom know that people with disabilities should be put in the very next group, “Phase 1B.” When you do:

  1. Introduce yourself! Be sure to say if you have a disability, are a family member, or work in the community.
  2. Explain that people with disabilities are at extra risk due to COVID-19, and need to be prioritized in Phase 1B.
  3. Thank them for considering our community.

A sample letter is also provided, which you can copy and paste into your email. But personalizing your message is always better!

To contact Governor Newsom, use the official online contact form. Choose “COVID-19” as your subject in the drop-down box on that page.

ARCA and the regional centers are working with community partners to help get our community prioritized for vaccinations. Yesterday, we co-sponsored a town hall webinar with Disability Voices United, the State Council on Developmental Disabilities, and Disability Rights California.

Did you miss it? The town hall is archived on Facebook for you to watch!

[This information was taken from ARCA. Haga clic aquí to view the original message.]

Voting Information and Resources, the election is just around the corner!

Are you registered to vote for the upcoming election?  The deadline to register to vote online in California is this Monday, October 19th!  Click aquí. to register today!

If you missed our Voter Registration and Information Workshop with Wesley Witherspoon, you can now view the recording by clicking aquí..

If you or someone you support has not yet registered to vote, the African Communities Public Health Coalition is offering free assistance as well as the opportunity to win a gift card through their raffle. Please click aquí. para más información.

Already registered to vote? It’s time to make a plan! Visit this link to make your plan today:

Do you want to learn about the issues impacting the disability community? Disability Vote, a non-partisan coalition of organizations supporting and advocating for people with disabilities have put together a comprehensive website encompassing all of the issues affecting people with disabilities. If you visit their página web you will find voting resources, webinar recordings and information about the specific issues on the November ballot. Don’t forget to make a plan that will allow you to vote safely during the COVID-19 pandemic!

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