Adriana Lopez is a very sweet young lady who often enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Whenever she is not with them you can always find her working at Brilliant Corners, an organization that focuses on affordable housing for those at risk of homelessness and community based housing for individuals with developmental disabilities. Adriana’s responsibilities include janitorial work, such as cleaning, dusting and disinfecting various areas throughout the building. Adriana likes to devote her time whenever she can. Upon being asked about her experience working at Brilliant Corners she expresses that it is “easy for me, I distract myself, and I like it”.

After working at Brilliant Corners for a year, Adriana mentions that her favorite aspect about the workplace is that it gives her some “peace and quiet”. This is something positive for her because it also allows her to be able to concentrate more on tasks without there being many distractions around.

Ever since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic there have been many setbacks for people all over. But, one thing about Adriana is that she pushes through any challenges that may come her way. When asked about the pandemic and if it has impacted her, Adriana’s only response was, “No, because I have the face mask”. Following this she made an extra note to point out how both her employer and the Supported Employment Program, Exceptional Children’s Foundation (ECF), have taken extra precautions to make her feel safe.