Joseph Rockwell is a valuable employee at a Vons grocery store. He enjoys helping customers and his coworkers as much as possible. Joseph has continued to do a great job despite the new changes brought upon by the pandemic. He shares that his experience with working at Vons has made him feel like a productive part of his community.

One of the major changes he has encountered at work during the pandemic is the need to start wearing a mask during his work shift. He states that he has adapted very well to this change and can go his entire shift with wearing without any issues.

Joseph provides a meaningful contribution and is admired at work by his colleagues and Vons management. Joseph’s Service Operations Manager at Vons, Sandra Packard, said it best. She shares “Joseph has been able to adapt to change providing a public service during these unprecedented times during Covid19. Joseph has been on the frontline making a positive impact on all his colleagues and his community. Joseph is friendly, kind, respectful, values integrity, and is a pleasure to have on the team. The world is a better place with Joseph in it. He makes a meaningful contribution to Vons.”

Joseph values providing the best service and is always ready to help out. Gaganjot Kaur, Program Service Coordinator with PathPoint shares “You will never find him standing around, he is always working, even if he is helping a coworker complete a task. On holidays Joseph enjoys working because he can greet every customer a happy holiday. Every business could use someone like Joseph around, he is of great value”.