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New Videos!

Westside Regional Center is happy to share with the individuals we serve, their families, service providers and members of the community our brand new videos.  All videos are available in English and Spanish with closed captioning.

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TSA Cares: A Program for Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions

Passenger Support

Screening Assistance

TSA Cares is a helpline that provides travelers with disabilities, medical conditions and other special circumstances additional assistance during the security screening process. Call (855) 787-2227  prior to traveling (72 hours in advance) with questions about screening policies, procedures and what to expect at the security checkpoint. You can also send an email to TSA-ContactCenter@tsa.dhs.gov . Click here to read more.

Passenger Support Specialists

Travelers requiring special accommodations or concerned about the security screening process at the airport may ask a TSA officer or supervisor for a passenger support specialist who can provide on-the-spot assistance.

Disabilities and Medical Conditions

To ensure your security, all travelers are required to undergo screening at the checkpoint. You or your traveling companion may consult the TSA officer about the best way to relieve any concerns during the screening process. You may provide the officer with the TSA notification card or other medical documentation to describe your condition. If you have other questions or concerns about traveling with a disability please contact passenger support. For more information on specific disabilities and medical conditions, click here.

Other Helpful Videos

NEW WRC YouTube Channel!

It is Westside Regional Center’s (WRC) mission to empower people with developmental disabilities and their families to choose and access community services that facilitate a quality of life comparable to persons without disabilities.

Through the DDS Disparity Funds Program, WRC was able to produce  videos to provide consumers, families, and communities with equitable access to information on regional center services, supports, and resources.

Visit the WRC YouTube Channel and watch the latest videos by clicking here!

No Solo Una Reunión: Comprender el Plan de Programa Individual (IPP)

Este es un video informativo escrito por los autodefensores del Centro Regional de Westside que habla sobre: qué es un IPP; por qué el IPP es importante; cuándo y dónde se llevan a cabo las reuniones del IPP; a quién deberían invitar; cómo prepararse para la reunión del IPP; qué preguntas se hacen; y cómo obtener los servicios y apoyos que necesitan. El video está destinado a ayudar a las personas a ser autodefensores y Levantar la Voz!

Esta película fue posible gracias al Programa de Fondos de Disparidad del Departamento de Servicios del Desarrollo (DDS).

Para más videos, ¡haga clic aquí para visitar nuestro nuevo canal de YouTube de WRC!

Not Just a Meeting: Understanding the IPP

This is an informational video written by Westside Regional Center advocates that talks about: what an IPP is; why the IPP is important; when and where IPP meetings take place; who they should invite; how to prepare for the IPP meeting; what questions are asked; and how to get the services and supports they need. The video is intended to help individuals become self advocates and SPEAK UP!

This film was made possible by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), Disparity Funds Program.

For more videos, click here to visit our new WRC YouTube Channel!