2018 Service Provider Rate Study- Deadline Extended to August 3rd

2018 Service Provider Rate Study
As required by Welfare and Institutions Code § 4519.8 the California Department Developmental Services (DDS) is in the process of studying the reimbursement rates paid for community-based services for individuals with developmental disabilities. Burns & Associates (B&A) has emailed information regarding the SURVEY TO PROVIDERS.

In order to complete the survey, click on “download the report” and then you will see the sheet to fill out. You will need to open it and eventually “save as”. You may refer to page 2 on the survey instructions, it tells you how to name/save your submission to send via email attachment.

HANDOUTS – DDS Rate Survey_1  to reference while completing the survey

• 15 minute YouTube Video used by Provider Advisory Committees to assist in training other providers: HERE

• 45 minute webinar by Burns & Associates: HERE

With the exception of family providers, all providers of services with rates set through negotiation with the regional center, or by the Department, are encouraged to complete the survey, even if they do not receive an email from B&A. It is important that as many providers as possible respond to the survey, even if they are only able to provide some of the information requested.
This survey will provide critical information to help inform the rate study:
• Data collected through the survey will be a key consideration as DDS assesses the adequacy of current payment rates and studies possible changes to the rates. Thus, although the survey is voluntary, all vendors are encouraged to participate.
• The survey includes worksheets (‘tabs’) for every service code included within the survey. You should only complete forms for the services that your organization provides. The table of contents (‘TOC’) worksheet in the survey file lists the specific forms to complete for each service code. Similarly, the Service Listing page beginning on page 3 of the instructions directs you to the appropriate pages for directions for each survey worksheet.
• Information collected through the survey will be utilized only for the purpose of this rate study and vendors’ individual responses will not be released to DDS.
• Partially completed surveys will be accepted. You may skip any questions that request information that your agency cannot provide, and those portions of the survey that are completed will still be part of the survey analysis.
• If there are any factors that you believe should be considered but were not included in the survey, note those issues (and any other comments) in the transmittal email when submitting the survey. You may also submit any other documentation that you would like considered as part of this study.

B&A will be recording a series of webinars to explain the rate study and to walk through the survey page-by-page. The recordings will be posted to http://www.burnshealthpolicy.com/DDSVendorRates/ by the end of the day on May 29. Other project-related materials can also be found at this website.

It is recognized that the survey is lengthy and detailed. In addition to the recorded webinars noted above, service providers are encouraged to contact DDS with any questions at DDSProviderSurvey@burnshealthpolicy.com or (602) 241-8515.

Along with the technical assistance available through B&A, the Department is also available to assist by email, vendorsurvey@dds.ca.gov or phone, (916)-654-2300. Additionally, frequently asked questions and answers will be posted on the Department’s WEBSITE and updated periodically. DDS will provide routine updates to regional centers via email on the number of survey responses received throughout the survey period. WRC will post on our website the number of local survey responses as received from DDS. This information will also be available on the Department’s website.

It is important to note that this survey is just one component of the overall rate study that must be submitted to the Legislature by March 1, 2019. The rate study will also incorporate other information, including but not limited to costs for comparable services provided outside the regional center system, to help in developing recommendations for proposed rate models. The outcome of these efforts, including findings and draft recommendations, will be presented to the Developmental Services Task Force for review and comment before the final rate study is submitted to the Legislature.

Information on the provider survey can be found on the Department’s website including a phone number and email address for technical assistance from B&A.

Completed surveys are due by Friday, August 3rd and should be submitted to DDSProviderSurvey@burnshealthpolicy.com.

WRC technical assistance workgroups are being hosted at the following locations and dates/times:

At WRC- 5901 Green Valley Cir. Ste. #320 Culver City, CA 90230 (computer training room)
Computers available, laptops welcome

• Tuesday, June 12th from 2-4pm
• Wednesday, June 13th from 10a-12p
• Thursday, June 14th from 10a-12pm

Please RSVP to (310) 258-4013 or RSVP@westsiderc.org

At EmpowerTech- 9100 S. Sepulveda Ste. #204 LA, CA 90045
Computers available, laptops welcome

• Tuesday, June 19th from 3:45-5pm
Please RSVP to (310) 338-1597 or rlewis@empowertech.org

At LA Goal- 4911 Overland Ave. Culver City, CA 90230 (limited parking)
Must bring your own charged laptop

• Wednesday, June 20th from 2:30-4pm
Please RSVP to (310) 258-4013 or RSVP@westsiderc.org

We will be reviewing the rate study information at the next WRC SPAC meeting on Tuesday, June 19th at 10:30am (WRC – 3rd Floor Danneker Boardroom)

If you have any questions regarding the rate study, you may contact Pamela Arturi, WRC HCBS Manager at pamelaa@westsiderc.org (310) 258-4276 or Mary Lou Weise-Stusser, WRC Community Services Director at MaryLou@WestsideRC.org or (310) 258-4042. You may also contact DDS at vendorsurvey@dds.ca.gov or (916) 654-2300.