2018 Service Provider Rate Study- Additional Service Codes Added

2018 Service Provider Rate Study- Additional Service Codes Added (7-2-18)

Please note the additional service codes added to the rate study:

017 – Crisis Team- Evaluation & Behavioral Intervention
073 – Parent Coordinator Supported Living Program
115 – Specialized Therapeutic Services- 3 Yrs. Up to not Including 21 Yrs.
116 – Specialized Therapeutic Services- Less than 3 Yrs.
117 – Specialized Therapeutic Services- 21 Yrs. and Over
420 – Respite Services- Family Member
465 – Participant- Directed Respite Services- Family Member
475 – Participant- Directed Community-Based Training Service for Adults
490 – Financial Management Services – F/EA
491 – Financial Management Services – Co-Employer
858 – Homemaker
864 – In-Home Respite Worker
883 – Transportation Broker
900 – Enhanced Behavioral Supports Home – Facility
901 – Enhanced Behavioral Supports Home – Individual Services
902 – Community Crisis Home Facility Component
903 – Community Crisis Home Individualized Services & Supports Component
899 – Community Crisis Home Transition Component

·More detailed information is on our WRC Website under Providers/Service Provider Forms.

·In order to complete the survey, click on “download the report” and then you will see the sheet to fill out. You will need to open it and eventually “save as”. You may refer to page 2 on the survey instructions, it tells you how to name/save your submission to send via email attachment.

·If your agency is providing multiple services, including a service not included in the rate study, you may add that information/revenue from that service code in the DDS Revenue tab on the excel sheet for the survey (line #86)

·Completed surveys are due by Friday, August 3rd and should be submitted to DDSProviderSurvey@burnshealthpolicy.com .

If you have any questions regarding the rate study, you may contact Pamela Arturi, WRC HCBS Manager at pamelaa@westsiderc.org (310) 258-4276 or Mary Lou Weise-Stusser, WRC Community Services Director at MaryLou@WestsideRC.org or (310) 258-4042. You may also contact DDS at vendorsurvey@dds.ca.gov or (916) 654-2300.