START Crisis Stabilization Team

Request for Proposals (RFP)

TO:             All Potential Request for Proposal Respondents

FROM:      Mary Lou Stusser, Director of Community Services

DATE:        May 27, 2020

RE:             START Crisis Stabilization Team


Westside Regional Center (WRC) is seeking a provider with expertise in supporting people with intellectual or developmental disabilities with co-occurring behavioral health needs to pilot the START services model in Los Angeles County. Primary intervention in the model consists of strengthening the service system’s ability to successfully engage individuals with IDD by focusing on quality of life, improving access to services, identifying gaps in the system, and improving competencies for all stakeholders. This model includes planning activities that focus on the individual receiving support from the START team, including ongoing assessment of biopsychosocial factors contributing to challenges, a determination and assessment of strengths of the individual and team, systemic engagement and consultation, cross systems crisis prevention and intervention planning, comprehensive service evaluations, clinical, medical and other interdisciplinary consultation and collaboration and all other planned clinical team activities. This model will include a clearly outlined Cross Systems Crisis Prevention and Intervention Plan which will provide a road map to providing emergency response and a working collaboratively across the system to address emergencies as they arise. This will include a 24-hour crisis response, emergency therapeutic supports as well as assisting individuals and teams with gaining access to other emergency safety net services when clinically necessary. In addition to emergency assessment, intervention and advocacy, the START team will also provide direction and support in the achievement of stabilization and a return to prior levels of functioning in individuals home environments.